Modern enterprises are constantly changing and evolving.  Planning for that change and executing the plans is what distinguishes the high performers from the rest. 


Enterprises that can accurately strategise, plan and execute change in a managed environment are agile, responsive and ultimately, competitive.


Black Windmill identifies and leverages best of breed components and brings them all together.  We take advantage of existing systems and incrementally improve your technology and business landscape.   We translate business vision and strategy into architected change.



Organisations need to capitalise on business opportunities within their environmental constraints. This is achieved through adequate planning, governance and outcome driven initiatives that support strategic objectives.


Enterprise strategy is achieved by balancing business goals within organisational capability while delivering on business objectives. Enterprise planning then creates the game plan which includes people and culture, process and technology.


We conduct rigorous and rapid strategic analysis to understand the current and future state of business and IT solutions.  We define Information Management and Digital Strategies then translate these into a pragmatic roadmap that delivers manageable investment and constant realisation of benefits.

Master Data Management

There is an emerging trend of organisations wanting a single, authoritative point of reference.  Put simply, they want ‘single views’ e.g. single view of a customer, single view of an employee.  Specifically, they want to consolidate sources of information from multiple disparate systems to form an aggregated picture and use this dataset for reporting or as a portal to update data in multiple systems.


Master Data Management (MDM) encompasses all organisational elements (people, culture, processes, governance and technology) in order to provide an organisational single point of reference.


MDM promotes and enables holistic governance of strategy, policy, process and information sharing across departmental systems, databases and reports. The unified and standardised use of data and services enables the implementation of a robust, effective and sustainable technology stack to support management strategies, operational deliverables and the business vision.


Black Windmill provides the strategies, processes, governance and technologies to achieve MDM.

Enterprise Architecture

Agile, competitive organisations focus on all aspects of their enterprise, targeting flexible and dynamic process design as well as automation through IT enablement.


A good strategy relies heavily on a holistic understanding of operational processes, information systems and technologies.  We use enterprise architecture insight to conduct rapid analysis and develop tactical, executable plans… Actionable Architecture!


Enterprise Architecture:

  • Balances business and IT to ensure that investment delivers     measurable outcomes. 

  • Enables rapid identification of what to improve and provides the means for the strategic priorities of the business to be determined.

  • Provides direction and identifies clear scope boundaries for projects.

  • Provides insight into the relationships and interdependencies of all aspects of business and technology.

  • Provides a reference point for managing change and enables co-ordination of multiple change initiatives.

  • Provides reusable building blocks that enable the rapid deployment of change.

  • Enables standardisation and rationalisation.


Our skills at designing, implementing and leveraging enterprise architectures enables an organisation to quickly identify and manage all the working parts of their organisation  It is the cornerstone of managing multiple projects, continuous improvement and sharing knowledge.

Continuous Improvement

Many businesses embed continuous improvement to improve the maturity of their processes, constantly increasing value generation and sustaining market competitiveness.  Continuous improvement focusses on non-disruptive improvement of processes rather than the re-engineering of the business itself.  


Our continuous improvement methods enable changes across all dimensions: technology, information and process to be managed.  A baseline of all opportunities and issues across the dimensions is maintained and any improvement project or initiative is shaped according to the benefits it is targeting and issues it is resolving.


All change is co-ordinated and the impact of the change is managed across the business.

Blueprint and Roadmap

Blueprints translate the business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change initiatives.  The blueprint enables prioritisation of investment in business and technology improvement activities.


Black Windmill helps organisations define clear outcomes, key requirements and transition states that enable an organisation’s evolution.


We provide models that articulate states of an enterprise including the processes, services, information systems and underpinning technology.  This provides the structure and guidance within which programs and projects can deliver targeted business outcomes.


Our framework provides communication between business and IT to ensure that investments are implementable and are in line with business needs to enable faster and better informed decisions that achieve targeted outcomes.

Enterprise Solution Architecture

Organisations are moving away from targeting ‘one-system’ for all their needs and are instead using modular solutions and integrating solutions to achieve their technology landscape.  There is also a trend to leverage their current technologies and realise existing investment rather than replacing systems. 


We help organisations define their optimal target architecture and capitalise on the benefits current and emerging technologies deliver.


Cloud solutions, software as a service, mobility solutions, integration platforms all form part of a modern organisation’s future state technology landscape.

Business Engineering

Business Improvement has been around for a significant amount of time.  Organisations seek to improve processes to drive increased profitability, cost reduction, improved service and increased efficiency gains.


Business Engineering identifies business needs and offers solutions to business problems.  Black Windmill uses the disciplines of business process modelling, business process management and business analysis to enable an organisation to understand end-to-end business process and the service delivered. 


A ‘current state analysis’ describes the processes, the information consumed within those processes and the technology that supports/underpins the processes.  It contains a synopsis of the issues with processes including points of fragmentation, bottlenecks, points of failure etc. and identifies opportunities to increase maturity (repeatability, efficiency and effectiveness) of a process. 


Together with an organisation, Black Windmill designs future state processes to reduce issues and capitalise on opportunities and proposes people, process and technology solutions.  We define requirements for improved information technology and align process improvement initiatives with technology activities to create improved business agility and responsiveness. 

Program/Project Management

We translate strategy into a pragmatic roadmap that delivers manageable investment and constant realisation of benefits.  Program management is used to define, track and manage outcomes.


Projects design and implement the change defined in the roadmap.  Clients are able to implement pragmatic solutions, which fit the size and scale of their business and deliver in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.  Everything is delivered in line with strategy, project management and governance frameworks. 


Our methodologies blend waterfall and agile techniques and also link to enterprise architecture.  This enables focussed engagement and delivers iterative deployments with continued and measurable business value.